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My friend(JC) got accepted next day aft the interview. Btw, any senior can adv what to prepare/read/explore for SMU ISM before Sch start? The Sch did said they will send some info on courses for those without IT background to start on first, but till now haven't hear from them yet. Tks.
LOL! Are you serious? You haven't matriculate into SMU yet want to go for courses already. Want to be kiasu also not like that la.

And freaking do your research before asking. Don't always expect people to feed you with answers.

This is University level (not your "there is alway answers if i follow the textbook" style). If you can't

research information by yourself, i don't see why the community here should help you at all. We are

now living in a world where information can be found easily in the internet. If you can't even do

that, I strongly suggest you to wake up your idea. Anyway, this is the hard truth. Take it or leave it.

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