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That is a very positive thinking and it will be the key factor that keep you ahead of the rest. Some people think that you are kiasu. But you will be the one that stay above rest. =)

Anyway, you may wanna PM Agenda regarding the course as he/she is from SMU ISM.
I disagree with you. So you said that feeding answers to someone who is too lazy to do research by himself/herself is a positive thinking mindset? How has NUS groom you through these years ? Make me wonders really. Are you trying to say that you also depend on your peers for answers than being independent when it is the uni level? Please do not corrupt the young ones. They need to know the objective of studying, not for the sake of it.

If you want to argue on this, at least do some research that SMU has not yet matriculate incoming students. Thus, these courses will be conducted in due dates.

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