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My friend(JC) got accepted next day aft the interview. Btw, any senior can adv what to prepare/read/explore for SMU ISM before Sch start? The Sch did said they will send some info on courses for those without IT background to start on first, but till now haven't hear from them yet. Tks.
Sometimes there is lack of preparation, sometimes there is over preparation. In this case, I doubt there is anything you need to prepare. You can read anything you like about the subject, but that's outside of the course.

I think if you really want to prepare, prepare your mental state.
1) Prepare to work really hard to acquire as much knowledge as possible
2) Prepare to spend your time wisely when required. Work hard, play hard
3) Prepare to be open-minded and be an empty cup rather than a half-filled cup
4) Prepare to find your course challenging.
5) Prepare for the unprepared and unknowns.

If you like IT, you would already have know things, not because you need to attend a course, but because you like knowing these stuffs. You can force yourself to prepare but it will most likely not stay in your mind.

Remember the only good reason why someone will excel in anything is because they like the thing they are doing, they love doing it as much as possible, but when you pull them away from what they love, they feels depress not able to do it anymore.

This is the passion that will drive a person to always be better than your yesterday. Remember you are not winning others, you should be winning yourself.

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