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WW barb is not suitable for 50+, even 46+ we are not efficient anymore.. so my advise is just for solo.. but now the solo 60+ can be done only with 6 waste +2bk with zodiac ring and high CDR..

skull grasp is not good, change to COE with 190% dmg proc with CC, CD, STR and Soc better..

+10 on weapon is much better than on hit.

Ancient fury is better to generate more fury for BOSS fight

Drop frenzy, get ignore pain or threatening shout

battle rage = bloodshed is the best due to AOE dmg.

WW = blood funnel is the best for 1% life

passive, drop that boon of bulkathos change to berseker rage, i think you need around 18% CDR to get 100% berserker.. with 0% Cost reduction of course
Changed.. it improves the damage but easier to die.. Maybe i need to get used to it..
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