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states for zodiac ring?
Stats you mean? Max Socket, IAS, CDR and CHC loh.

I tried gogok.. definately got different. It seems PE Gain Blood Frenzy is NOT active during WW . My Gogok only lvl 40.. need to up it to 50. Now hunting for Ancient Unity Ring and Ancient Mara...

Farm ar! Farm ar! Farm ar!
Using PE need to understand the concept of snapshotting. Basically, you go in a very dense pack to max out AS then recast your CotA, Rend and hold WW. Your AS is supposed to be snapshotted even though it's not shown in the numbers. Essentially, your DD ticks for more dmg and your ancient attacks faster.

I also snapshot my CotA and WW with Gogok but it's much easier cos no need to risk myself going into dense pack to recast. Hence Gogok reach 15 stack, simply recast CotA and WW.

Versus RG: if you use PE and get to snapshot a very dense pack before fighting it, then technically you are good to go. Just hope you don't die or your Ancients survive and do not rend the boss cos will lose snapshot. Basically quite complicated and rng based.

Gogok overall is more constant cos you can rend, recast CotA and WW as long as your stack is 15. Rend only needs 2 times for me just to keep mutilate up for the 10% increase dmg.
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