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if I want to change to NIE, what shld I do?

I am year 2 student NTU com science
Firstly, I think you should decide on what exactly it is that you want. Do you want to study Chinese? Or do you want to study Education? Make up your mind on something.

You can apply for a change of course here:

Once you login, there is a list of courses to choose from. I'm not sure if NIE courses are on that list of possible transfers. Although NIE is under NTU, NIE itself is an autonomous institute, they might have their own way of doing things.

If its not on the list, you will have to apply to NIE directly by re-applying to NTU. But of course, the applications are already over.

Secondly, its one thing to want to transfer, but its not easy to get. They will assess both your university and pre-university grades. You must be fairly good in both to be able to transfer.
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