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Not really a must, but really good to have. There is this place called ihub, basically is like typical computer lab where u can go n use the computer.

Through out the academic year u may need to do some admin work, and the deadline always falls on a time when u r busy, thus better to have a laptop with u.

Also, dont worry about addicted to gaming , eee is stressful enough, surf internet also feel guilty.

No need high end gaming, something reasonable can already.

Best to prepare enough pens n writing paper/exercise book ro practice all the questions, all is pen n paper, pen n paper still the best for engineering
Got so jialat a not?
Yes. Most of the ntu campus i can access the "NTU_SECURE" wifi.

My friend say hall also have, but not sure i never stay hall.

The NIE campus dont have ntu wifi, think only for nie students. Usually eee students wont want to walk till nie so doesnt really matter
If you're gonna stay in hall, it'll be good for you to bring your own router. The hall's WIFI sucks

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