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Earlier today, the official images of the new LEGO Ideas WALL•E (21303) set was publish on Smyths Toys website. The set was designed by Angus MacLane who also worked on the movie and his project on LEGO Ideas garnered enough support in the eyes of fans as well as LEGO to have this set be produced. WALL•E (21303) is listed to be released in December and has a retail price of €57.99 which corresponds to about $39.99 here in the states. It isn’t certain but that’s my guess for similarly priced sets and it could be as high as $49.99 considering it’s a licensed set.

Thanks to everyone who emailed in about it. I did see it this morning and sent out a tweet from my phone but didn’t have a way to do this post. What do you guys think of the set?
hopefully sub$100
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