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I think its because the wax became too dry and it's so difficult to work into my hair so at first when i style it it looks okay but after like an hour it just flops around and eventually falls all over. The style i am doing is just a normal pompadour ah. I wish i would i known that earlier though i thought it was because it doesn't suit my hair type until i saw a earlier post about By Vilain products having the tendency of drying up without the sealant.
Buy from a better seller next time Haha because you never use Pre styling spray for volume of course will flop. No volume how to have pomp. In my opinion, Dynamite Clay will suit better.
Less dry but matte but lighter.
Add with Sidekick. Confirm pomp gao gao
But if you want extreme hold with volume.
Sidekick spray and gold digger.
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