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I think its because the wax became too dry and it's so difficult to work into my hair so at first when i style it it looks okay but after like an hour it just flops around and eventually falls all over. The style i am doing is just a normal pompadour ah. I wish i would i known that earlier though i thought it was because it doesn't suit my hair type until i saw a earlier post about By Vilain products having the tendency of drying up without the sealant.
i dislike answering these kind of posts, but too many people have the belief that the product alone will hold up the hairstyle.

Given how humid our climate is, there is no way you can replicate those youtube hair styles all day unless you use a mixture of cement and hairspray on your hair (which is pretty dumb)

The trick is simple:
1. Learn to blow dry
2. Learn to blow dry with a brush for added volume
3. Use a pre styler / sea salt spray / "boost" or "volume" powder

No way around the dilemma. Relying on the product to provide majority of the hold is a bad thing because the moisture in Singapore will sooner or later weigh the hair down. It's smarter to use high heat to force the hair to go where you want to go, and use product for a bit of extra hold and texture (or shine, whatever floats your boat)

Now someone can volunteer to shoot a hair styling video for me i can show you how to blow dry. It isn't rocket science, just ask your hairstylist how to blow dry next time you get a haircut.

edit: I'm going to take a before / after pic tomorrow morning where i go from bedhead, to damp hair, to blow dried and then to the final hairstyle with just sufficient product and NO hairspray.

TL;DR version: you want awesome volumey hair, learn to use a blowdryer and a pre styler
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