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Hi All,

need some advice here.
I am using a starmex system 3 invertor system which is 12 yrs old and it seems to have broken down.
I called an aircon guy for cleaning as it was blowing normal air instead of cool air.
the aircon came down and said one of the parts in the compressor is spoilt and there is no replacement in whole of Singapore.
he say the part is in a bunch of 3 and 1 failed.

He says I cannot buy starmex again as the new system would not fit my current piping and only dalkin system will fit my current piping.

anyone know if this is true that I can only buy dalkin aircon system to replace old starmex system?!?!?
12 yrs old Starmex got inverter alrwady?

Mind to share which model for outdoor unit and indoor unit just label below of FCU.

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