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coz of abilities usage lo.. my abilities not very well honed tats y need mythril to refresh lo.. but hor...nowadays boss rush cfm need mythril de. boss rush de boss usually haf like 30-40k hp.. even if use their element weakness.. fire strike n etc.. each strike can do max like 7k++ damage.. regular attack 1.4-1.7 k damage. pls all the firaja spell n etc... spells tink ja-class now mostly lv2 lidat, 4 uses.. then muz equip those mental, power and armpur break... their damage at most 2-2.3k and usually need 1 spell caster and 1 healer.. weakening our offense further...all this add up... given our current honing.. enuff to brezze through 4-5 stages AND get mastery at same time meh... like extremely difficult if u dun use lor. maybe can ask Beatrix coz seems like he no use mythril for refresh de.
how to unlock the boss rush ah?
Do i need to master sealion stage?
Or just complete all dungeons can liao?
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