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team setup preferable 4 fighter and 1 healer.if u can generally KO an enemy in 2 hits, then u will earn 3 medals under actions taken. Remember 'defend' command also count as 1 action but 'skip' does not count. see if double strike helps anot.
Damage taken more tricky, u will need to S/L till the enemies miss their attack or deal the least damage to ur highest defence char.. This u might haf to save/load ALOT of times. generally for all 3 battles, in TOTAL if u take ard 2-3k damage, u probably will earn 2-3 medals under damage taken.
last 1 is KO. juz dun let any of ur ppl die.
lidat u will get 3,2 & 3 medals which will give u champion in a stage.
Wow i din know can save and load... lol... thanks for the tip... i will try.... i use vanille as mage and healer... maybe that's why my slots are kind of limited...
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