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Hi help needed, as looking to get a Panasonic System 3 Inverter Air-Con CU3S27MKZ/CSS9PKZWx3 (with Installation) for my three room,the largest room is around 3x5m,so is this good enough for me...thx

1 to 3 Multi-Split Type (1 HP x 3 Cooling Model - With Remote Control)
9,550 Btu/h = 1-Unit
19,100 Btu/h = 2-Unit
25,600 Btu/h = 3-Unit
Cooling Capacity (COP) : 2.80(1-Unit), 5.60(2-Unit), 7.50(3-Unit)

*5 Years warranty for compressor + 1 Year parts & labour

Standard Installation Package option includes :

- FREE Delivery of New Air-Con System

- FREE Installation with 3/8" Thick CLASS "1" ARMAFLEX Insulation

- FREE Installation with GRADE SWG 23 (0.61mm) Copper Piping

- FREE Dismantle & Dispose Old Air-Con System

- FREE 1 Year Workmanship Installation Warranty
The large one 3x5m should go for 1.5hp = 12k at least otherwise will take some time to cooling down the room.

I though Panasonic price are same with Starmex right
If have better way just go for Starmex you will realise it is more higher quality than Pana at all.
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