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Hi thx for the quick reply,as i'm moving out in 2 yr times so would like to go with something good but not to expensive air con,as starmex i check was 2 hundreds more then panasonic.As currently i had a very old and spoilt system 4 which need to be removed,so this would be a good time for me to buy a new set and dispose the old one.Later in the year might do some reno to my flat so hopefully can add value to my flat when selling

another option was Fujitsu System 3 Inverter Air-Con AOAG24LAT3/ASAG09LJx3 (with Installation) which is another 2 hundreds cheaper,is this a good choice...sorry very blur about this stuff

Body Type High COP Design
Cooling Capacity (Outdoor Unit) 29,002 Btu
Eco-friendly Certification(s) 2 Ticks
Eco-friendly Feature(s) I-PAM High Efficiency Inverter Control Technology
Noise Level Super Quiet Operation of 21dB(A)
Filter Types Negative Air Ions Deodorising Filter
Apple Catechin Filter
Compressor Type Twin Rotary Compressor
Fujitsu got some issue, please stay away it.
If wanna cheaper now then go with Pana is the right choice.
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