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it is really good business. somemore easy to access also.
yeah lo agree. ultimately it depends on will power.. no matter how they make everything looks attractive.. it boils down to just 1 question. is this game worth spending ur $$$ on anot. It's an very individualistic question. It's machiam like a pyramid model lar. If u on top, got broad base, meaning u play a lot of games like MVT, chances are rather low that u will spend any $$$, if at bottom looking up, i.e., like me, I'm currently onli actively playing 2 games onli, FFRK and Fallout shelter. Chances are high that we will spend $$$. People at bottom tends to play very limited genes of games thus they r very selective and when they start to play a games which they feel they like, they will cfm pay $$$ to support developer.
Ppl on top tend to play a lot more kind of games thus it impossible that they spend $$$ to get an edge in all the games simpy coz its not realistic to spend $$$ on so mani types of games.
Paiseh for WOT
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