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"To be eligible for FairPrice membership, you must be a union member or a member of the NTUC General Branch. The latter is catered for those whose workplace does not have an in-house union or for those in managerial / executive positions. Upon acquiring union membership, you can then apply to purchase FairPrice shares (for 20 shares only) at $1 per share plus $3 entrance fee. For more details on NTUC General Branch Membership, please call 6213 8008. "

aboved extracted from ntuc fairprice website. Included in the second group (ie NTUC general branch) who can apply for Fairprice membership are NTUC Income Policy holders.

I got mine under this group. Initially was 20 shares, then one of the years, we were offered to take up more shares. I heard ntuc no longer offer more shares.

Then the law changed: non-unionised individuals acquiring ntuc fairprice membership after 1 May 1993 shall pay an annual fee of $40 to ntuc. such annual fee shall be deducted from their patronage rebates. when the annual partronage rebate does not exceed $40, the lesses amout deducted shall be deemed to have met the requirement of the by-law for that financial year.
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