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D3 Devs already stated that the game will be a cycle of short term enjoyment and fun before leaving and waiting for new patch.

Anyways, a big NO to trading sia (currently within grp it's fine).. it will be P2W if we can trade freely. The best alternative is prolly like what they've done with WoW. AH for trading or mats, certain gears but not the high tier gears.
there is no P2W because there is no win here
how do u define win?
doing T6?
Getting high Grift?
the is no PVP in D3, no competition at all (unless u count achievements?)

Look at DOtA, winning the dota tournament has $$$
right now its USD 13m prize money i think
In that game there is a clear winner and loser

then again i miss AH because there are some gear that i seem never to get
but not RMAH
What is art?
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