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Yea, I didn't play POE at all but I know my friends like the trading, which is like D2, use SOJs to trade. But the system can still allow ppl to use real money to gear. It's just that POE is not as big as Diablo now, if it is, sure got alot more 3rd party trading websites and forums for real $$ trading.
There is actually a lot of 3rd party $$$ trading site for POE unfortunately. It's a problem every game with an economy is facing, right now GW2 also facing some terrible inflation.

They should just ban all in-game trading except to party like they have now. And if anyone wants to trade gold or items, it should be strictly AH. No RMAH.

RMAH was just ridiculous anyway, their cap was 2b gold or $250. And these weren't even the top tier items. All the top tier items were going on d2jsp for 50b gold and thousands in Euros.
I think the main issue was Blizzard didn't have a good enough gold sink to slow inflation.
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