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Actually, I am not 100% sure of my holdings. Btw, is this shown somewhere on the annual rebates/dividend slips? I remember policy holders were only allowed to buy 1000 shares those days. Somewhere along the line, I think my shares increased to 1000 plus. Could be some bonus shares given.

How did you end up having 2000 plus shares?

My dividend should be less than yours. I can explain this, you see....My wife makes Fairprice purchases (with her money), but the rebates goes into my bank ac and becomes my money.
When I bought a policy years ago, I subscribed for 1,000 NTUC Fairprice shares at $1 each. That time limit was 30,000 shares. Two months later, I wanted to subscribe for another 4,000 shares but was rejected as they changed the rule to limit subscription of shares to 20

With bonus shares along the way, my 1,000 shares become 2,262 With bonus shares, the dividend yield on my cost is 16.965%.

They have stopped giving bonus shares for a very long long time and I doubt they will be giving anymore
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