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Can advise? How to improve? Playing style?
Actually your gear quite ok liao leh. If want more improvement then,

1) Gloves: Str, Vit, CHC, CHD
2) RORG: Str, CHC/CHD , IAS, Socket
3) Belt: Str, Vit, AR, Life%
4) Boot: Str, Vit, AR, WW dmg%
5) IKBB: Str, Vit, Dmg%, Socket

Follower try for CDR for all his gear:

1) Ammy: Ess of Johan
2) Ring: Wyrdward with chance to stun as high as possible. With unit is fine
3) Weapon: Eun Jang Do: 19% is nice, change cold dmg to lightning as the normal attacks can proc wyrdward to stun RG. Do not gem green in weapon as follower chd cap is 100% only. Use diamond or ruby.

Skills and passives are perfect except Revenge. Use Rend Multilate.

Legendary Gems: Gogok, Taeguk and BoTT

Playstyle is quite simple. Cast CotA and WotB then start to WW. Let Gogok build to 15 stack and WotB on then recast CotA to snapshot your attack speed then Ancients can attack faster and have more fury. I can keep 100% most of the time even soloing RG so extra 25% dmg from Berserker Rage. Rend usually 1-2 times to keep WotB up for RG. Normal mob and elites just be careful rending for extra 10% dmg.

Above is my meta for IKBB ww build which I think can clear 55+. The better and more advanced meta is the BK swords with Zodiac ring build can go 60+.

Add me keithxm#6161 if wanna rift together

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