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Apple Watch 3rd Party Adapters and Bands

I am sure now that most of us have the watch, we will start to accessorize it. I had the space grey 1 mth ago and I have been looking at 3rd party bands and adapters.

Adapters - Currently there are two types of adapters.
Firstly is the more common type which looks like this :
1. The disadvantage of this adapter is that you can't install most metal straps on it especially if the hole of the strap is bored thru.
2. You will need to remove very tiny screws(very tiny) in order to change straps
3. It is made of steel, so if you are using the Aluminium sport watch you can't use this adapter because steel will corrode aluminium thru time.
4. This adapter came with together with the strap which I bought as a bundle.

The other type of adapter which is not so common is the traditional Lug and pin style :
1. The advantage of this adapter is that you can mount any type of straps on this adapter.
2. It uses the traditional style of lug and pin method to mount the strap thus easy to change straps, no need to unscrew anything. Here is the link where I bought this adapter :

Of the two types, I prefer the second type because it is truely able to accept any type of straps. For the first type it is very troublesome to work with the screws as it is very tiny. And currently there is a kickstarter startup called Click that is making the lug and pin style adapter. I am a backer of this project.

Steel Straps :

1. There are many steel straps in the market and the ones which are suitable for the Apple watch are the Straight ends type. If you see that the ends are curved, it will not fit not the apple watch and the lugs will not match so don't have to try.
2. The most common steel straps are the link bracelets and there are wide variations of 3 beads to 5 beads. Here are some of the sellers who sell the straps together with the adapter. I recommend and they are trustworthy :
The other common type of steel strap is mesh strap or some people call it Milanese strap. Typically these 3rd party straps do have a hole that is not bored thru and a metal plate being formed into a shape of a hole, thus with a tool, you will be able to pry it open a bit and attach it to the adapter that has the bar attached. Here is a link of a trusted seller which I bought from :

Leather Straps :
There are too many possible leather straps in the market that it's not possible for me to mention all of them so I am just gonna give you the links which I have bought from and is trustworthy. These leather straps can be used on both the bar type adapter and the traditional type adapter but when I bought the strap it came bundle together with the bar type adapter :

(To be continued...)

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