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you went JC and Poly?
No just JC.

Like the other poster mentioned, meeting the cut-off may not be enough. It depends on supply and demand. The IGP follows last year's batch on intake, which has no correlation to this year's intake. It might be the case that the demand for the courses you applied for increased.

Some things that might affect your admissions:
1. Are you a local, PR or foreigner?
2. Did you fail (S and below) any A-level subjects?
3. Did you fail any O-level subjects?

GP and English are not the only things they look at. RP is also not the only thing they look at. You might have a very good ranking point but failed a H2 subject and they might still not admit you because you don't have a full cert. I know someone else on this forum that punched way above the IGP for soci but still got rejected this year.

Edit: I know of people who got good RP but failed their H1 Math or even O-level Math and was rejected from SS courses because of that. Its social science.
1. I'm local, have been since birth
2. Nop I didn't fail anything at Os and As..

I scored A & Bs for all my Art subjects and Ds for my Chem & Math..... but even so my O Levels em & am was A2?

And well... I participated in alot of school activities, took up several leadership roles and all those while i was in school... so i guess those didn't help me much in having a holistic background hahahaha.
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