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No just JC.

1. I'm local, have been since birth
2. Nop I didn't fail anything at Os and As..

I scored A & Bs for all my Art subjects and Ds for my Chem & Math..... but even so my O Levels em & am was A2?

And well... I participated in alot of school activities, took up several leadership roles and all those while i was in school... so i guess those didn't help me much in having a holistic background hahahaha.
Hmmm. Then I'm pretty much as lost as you. haha. The only reason would be that there are better scorers this year applying for the courses you applied for. Humanities is always getting more popular here while STEM courses are getting less popular. We will only know in December when the new IGP for this year comes out when we can see how much the IGP has risen.

If your grades are good, I'd recommend that you try again next year. This time, apply strategically, put courses that are clearly in reach (safely above IGP) as your first choice. It looks like an RP of 72.5 just matches both SMU SS and NTU Soci. This is cutting it too close in my opinion. You'd want to apply for courses like English, History or Chinese where you are above the IGP. In the meantime, work/intern or volunteer at some organisations first. Or even retake your A-levels to get a better grade set if you're confident.
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