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ippt sexpert, what is the maximum rest time that i can drag arh?

i can do 49situp, but i need to rest damn long to recover for the run

i dun mind wasting 1 whole day at the fcc to slowly recover for $$$

izit possible to do stations in the morning then wait until 7pm to run 2.4km???
if you want to max rest time, in-pro for ippt early so your tag number will be the 1st static station detail.

then when they call for the 1st detail to go for 2.4km, you act blur don't go and only re-appear when they calling for last detail.

if that day got a lot of ppl taking ippt, you might be able to get 30++min of rest.

you want wait until evening then run is not possible.

i remember last time when i doing static ippt station then kena rain. then a senior pti came and told us to wait for the rain to stop so we can do 2.4km. he also said if the rain didn't stop by a certain time, he will void the ippt ($ for attendance still given) and out-pro us cos saf got a guideline on how much rest time ippt takers can rest.

i can't remember if it is "the entire ippt must be completed within an hour" or "2.4km run cannot be taken more than an hour after last static station".

i can't really remember the timing as well but it is definitely not morning static evening 2.4km.
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