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Ahhh thanks. Was from Arts stream in JC so quite worried about the transition haha
I don't think so.
Don't think Biz students deal with very complicated math, amath should be sufficient bah
AhPORK is right... until now I still don't get why NTU has to have that A math requirement for entry hahah.. I guess that's why they laxed the rules for the A math part already.. well... if you are concerned with the math component.. I think I would probably died by now.. because my math background is worse than yours no A math at O levels and from poly biz... so my math foundation is almost non-existent

modules that you may experience some difficulty for year 1 would be DSC1007 (Business Analytics) and BSP1005 (Econs). The econs one is really dependent on the module coordinator you get... for mine.. suay suay I got the math type of econs... but even then.. its mainly the 1st derivative type of stuff.. so its not too hard la. comparing with my NTU friend counterpart.. his econs in NTU last sem was so easy for him.. he said mainly concepts.. not much math and was so similar to poly econs that he got A

hahaha welcome to the club
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