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i mean u do to 9 times (IPT need 10times to clear).. nxt year got 11 times RT

IPT is not paid la. i am doing IPT now not paid. only the IPT-IPPT (1st/10th) is paid
a lot of ppl say now IPT got pay. i think your IPT got no pay cos your IPPT window started before they implemented the IPT got pay scheme.

Hi guys, i'm new.
I have some questions to ask.
I can achieve ippt gold, but i want to max out the money that could be earn.
I hear that going for ipt , the first session which i purposely fail will get me money, the lesson and the last session i go for gold. Will i get 500 + the first ippt money and also the ipt lesson i went through??
If not is there any other way. Just curious if it is worth it anot.
1st 3 non-ICT IPPT session got attendance pay.

all 10 IPT session got attendance pay.

attendance pay is your half day rank pay.
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