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Hi guys, i'm new.
I have some questions to ask.
I can achieve ippt gold, but i want to max out the money that could be earn.
I hear that going for ipt , the first session which i purposely fail will get me money, the lesson and the last session i go for gold. Will i get 500 + the first ippt money and also the ipt lesson i went through??
If not is there any other way. Just curious if it is worth it anot.
go for all 10 ipt sessions as every session is paid. and for your 10th session which is ipt-ippt, get a gold standard for ippt.

in tis way u get paid for:

10x IPTs (inclu 2x IPPT)
1x $500 (for gold standard)

in addition, sign up for one more IPPT if you are so desperate for that appreciation amount, as you will be paid for up to 3 IPPTs.

it doesn't matter if you fail this time round. but once u already had gold, u are no longer entitled for anymore incentives
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