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Hey I need an adivce regarding SMU appeal. My sister applied for economics but failed to get in. Her SAT is 1980 (not so good) and she graduated as 5/480+ students. Her CCAs are just same as mine and I got into SMU Biz this year. Anyway I'd like to know what courses are "less popular" so she can choose an appropriate course to appeal. Also, kindly give me and my sister advice about SMU appeal. Thanks in advance!
Sorry if i offend you with the following message i'm going to reply you. Isn't the course of study your sister should decide for her future than a course that is easy to get in and have no passion in the end?

There is no such thing as which course is less popular.. Your sister should decide what she want to do in the future. Don't study for the sake of studying. Know what you want.

If the community here is going to advise which course your sister should study. Your sister need to re-think whether she is fit to study in university as she rely on people to make decisions for her and no one can guarantee her "SUCCESS" in life.

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