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What you say is totally agreeable. But in fact she actually studies for sake of studying. What is important to her is to get into a university. You may think this is a stupid attitude and idea but this is the reality. Thanks for a reply but if you are not going to give any useful advice to a very desperate applicant, please do not comment.
I would suppose the hard nut to crack is yourself. The poster gave one of the best advice you and your sister should ever get. If your sister just want a certificate, don't waste 3/4 years, just go somewhere and buy one. It's faster, less hassle and definitely works.

The reality is you are not in reality. What is important for her is to understand the reason to study and the target, so that what she will be doing in it will be productive and effective. At the end of the day, your sister will not be wasting away hard-earned precious money from your parents or your guardians sending their children to schools and achieving nothing in life.

Any substandard answer to answer your desperate question is as good as not answering. But rather you took a deaf ear against something giving your genuine answer to your problem and here you, in the public forum, request the poster not the comment with the answer does not suit your needs ?

You better think harder with your coconut brain (filled with water), if you have such high respect for asking something that is unknown to you right here, then prepared for any answer. If you already have some answers you think is more useful to you, that means you already knows the answer, then why bother to ask. Just go and figure thinks out yourself and move on destroy the future of your sibling.

And you are quite right on your perspective. It's indeed stupid and getting nowhere. If that's the case, I recommend you take the tuition fee, walk right into the casino and gamble it, you might have better outcomes.

Right now, you are asking your sister walk into something she has not set her heart into, with no commitment to succeed. So she will just torment herself for 3/4 years, in the end get bad grades, end up worse off than having 3/4 years of youth in the first place.

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