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Smartalex, I can assure you, winning you or outsmarting you, there is nothing big deal. We don't get an oscar prize tomorrow.

If you want to walk into the abyss, go ahead. We say our pieces to point out to you on the importance of education and the right attitude to MAKE IT WORK for you. You think we say all these so that we can be branded as HEROS in where ? Some silly cyberworld stored in the hard disk of a server ?

Use your brain and save your sister. She is your sister, not ours. Her success is in your understanding of our harsh words for you. If you want to act like we are just trying to prove anything, I hope you are right. Because if you are wrong, your sister future is the only thing at stake.

I don't have to say more seriously, but you sound like a very irresponsible brother and I feel sorry for your sister. Because your excessive pride allows yourself to fall deaf ears against genuine advices.

To IAmZTX and davidktw, I am quite surprised by your passionate attitudes in helping out a person and his sister who you never met before. I'm not being sarcastic even after reading how you guys actually brought up my old posts. I felt mad and bad because of your offensive words but reading your replies, I realize that I am indeed stupid borther as I admitted already. I will talk to my sister tomorrow morning. Thanks for your replies. I really appreciate them.
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