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What you say is totally agreeable. But in fact she actually studies for sake of studying. What is important to her is to get into a university. You may think this is a stupid attitude and idea but this is the reality. Thanks for a reply but if you are not going to give any useful advice to a very desperate applicant, please do not comment.
Less popular SMU courses? Just look at IGP,

But these are based on local qualifications. There is no data for international students. International students face tougher competition to compete for that 20% space.

I hope your sister have more to show than her SAT and high school cohort position. Example, relevant internships, job exp, student life activities, community services, recommendation letters, represented her school for "something" worthy etc.

Hope that her high school have career counsellors or similar to help identify her interest. Alternatively just use some of the profiling tools online to get a rough idea.
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