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His post always consist of at least 5 paragraphs. That is the minimum. You are lucky he didn't post 20 paragraphs of essay to you
Now that the proper things are in place. Allow me to just say this once to you. If you just want to keep on tagging to my posts in HWZ with those moronic statements from you, I think you really need to focus better in life and you will definitely achieve more than what you have now.

Seriously I wonder what is the goodness of having you around here ? You really think all these statements you made about me in the forum is really amusing ? It is to idiots, which I hope these are the kind of audience you are targeting, and that really tells a lot about your character.

Otherwise, I suggest you be more effective as a person and do something good in the name of yourself and for the goodness of the world, the country and/or the community. That will serve you better on long run and something more satisfying than just increasing your useless post counts in HWZ.

I may like to be thorough and type essays to get my message across, but looking at this instance, I can assure you, I feel like a more fulfilled person helping someone to see light in his/her life and able to help some strangers miles away.

What did you achieve by posting all those nonsense referring to me ? I'm not annoyed seriously. I can't help it wanting to give a piece of my mind to you, but I thought I want to give you chance to redeem your a.r.s.e.

So if you are smarter than an a.r.s.e, you stop what you have been doing and get on with your life, otherwise keep doing it and laugh over your stupidity. That's all it's about.

Wise up dude

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