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Actually, if you're a foreigner, no matter which course you apply to, it will be very hard to get in. The quotas are set to only 18% foreign students for NUS/NTU/SMU.

That said, courses that are less popular among Singaporeans are easier for foreigners to get in. Courses such as Engineering(Electrical, Mech, Civil) or Science is usually less popular among Singaporeans. Whereas popular courses like Biz/Acct/SocialScience/Humanities/Aerospace would be harder for foreigners to gain admissions to because there are more Singaporeans vying for those places.

That said, the advice above is solid. Don't apply for a course just so that you can get into university. IF you get into a course that you are not passionate in, you'd just graduate with poor grades and waste 4 years of your life. Apply for a course only if you have genuine interest/passion.
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