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At least Havok gave constructive comments to assist people with burning questions.
Unlike some keyboard warriors trying so hard to portray an independently tough persona.
And u did better as another keyboard warrior? Only narrow and shallow minded people like you will only see the words and failed to see the meaning and take it as just typing for the sake of typing. Perhaps the real keyboard warrior is you

What's the point to answer a question right to the point if the intention has been wrong in the first place ? Do you mean spoon-feeding to a wrong intention makes it right ? The much larger and even more burning question are to people like you with the wrong perception in education where you think getting a degree is all it matters, when what really make you useful is your skill and knowledge, but a piece of 120g paper.

That 120g piece of paper will not build country, it will not build planes, it will not build cars, it will not build your school, it will most certainly not nurture a scholar. It's the person with the knowledge that does and it comes from the love of doing so and wanting to do so. So "kid" you can also participate in "learning" how to "learn" from now on, because you seems "smart" but actually reveal yourself far from so, from the way you have presented yourself.

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