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Thanks for the info! Will only be matriculating in 2017 due to NS haish. Are you enjoying the course and student life thus far?
hahaha serve first school isn't exactly fun either hahah.. you will always start the semester.. and look forward to the holidays

well if you want to have a fun time in university.. you should join like Hall/CCAs.. that way uni will be much more fun... if you just go to school for classes.. it will mainly be hi/bye friends.. nothing more.. its quite sad hahaha.. but of course there are exceptions.. like maybe you can be close with 1 project group or something.

well all my JC friends say that uni to them is like an 'A' Levels every semester... so if you go in with that kind of mentality.. I guess you will be fine there isn't much time to relax when school starts... and obviously there will be times when you feel stupid hahaha cause you may think that you did okay... but when the results come out.. omg i'm dumb compared to the rest of the cohort choose your battles.. play wisely and win those AKA the As hahaha. PS: nothing is fair in this world... there are ways to have an "advantage" over others... its only whether you are willing to make the effort to get it hahahah
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