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so for those who have used it for a few days, how has the apple watch been integrated into your life ? is it really useful ? or just a whole of hoolabala ?
I love my Apple Watch to bits. Now my Omega is permanently retired. I used to keep myself updated in the developments and news of new swiss timepieces. Now not anymore. Whenever I see someone with a mechanical watch or some other conventional watches I just see them in a different light - sort of like an archaic and old fashioned wrist device that I'm glad I'm no longer associated with. Somehow the reverence I used to have with the artistry of Swiss mechanical watches is lost.

I use it mainly for reminders of my next appointment (I use the calendar extensively). It's much quicker to just take a glance than having to pull out my phone. Incoming messages can be read much quicker too. It's a perfect tool to acknowledge small bits of information like messages and notification. And I used Siri (need to be in a quiet environment though) to dictate a reply. It works well in my case. And the Activity app reminds me to stand and take a walk if I'm sitting for too long. And all these still in its infancy. Expect more apps and better watch apps in future.
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