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I love my Apple Watch to bits. Now my Omega is permanently retired. I used to keep myself updated in the developments and news of new swiss timepieces. Now not anymore. Whenever I see someone with a mechanical watch or some other conventional watches I just see them in a different light - sort of like an archaic and old fashioned wrist device that I'm glad I'm no longer associated with. Somehow the reverence I used to have with the artistry of Swiss mechanical watches is lost.

I use it mainly for reminders of my next appointment (I use the calendar extensively). It's much quicker to just take a glance than having to pull out my phone. Incoming messages can be read much quicker too. It's a perfect tool to acknowledge small bits of information like messages and notification. And I used Siri (need to be in a quiet environment though) to dictate a reply. It works well in my case. And the Activity app reminds me to stand and take a walk if I'm sitting for too long. And all these still in its infancy. Expect more apps and better watch apps in future.
U bring up an interesting topic. What does your daily watch or luxury watch end up? Rotating doesn't make sense cos the idea of using apple watch is to track fitness etc
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