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It's like having two cars, one is just a manual car with no special features, no aircon and takes you from point A to B. The other car has auto gear, built in GPS, Audio system, the works and it also takes you from point A to B. Would you be able to drive both cars at the same time? No right? Hope I answered your question.
That being said you could wear the watches in different scenarios. e.g. for work, you might want the Apple watch which can help you stay organised or to handle checking notifications in a professional context. At social events then maybe the traditional watch might be a better choice. If I was doing say my wedding photo shoot, I don't think I'd want to wear an Apple watch in that (except for the fact my fiance bought me mine and I bought her hers).

As someone who used to own multiple cars- I had the Evo for racing on the track and a Civic for daily driving to the shops/etc. The Evo was uncomfortable, drank petrol quickly and attracted a lot of attention... and had a small boot. In other words, horses for courses.
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