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Hello item2sell,

Based on description, it is likely the blower/coil of your master bedroom aircon is mouldy hence the musky odor.

If all indoor units are not as cool as before, it could be due to a gas shortage or simply because the indoor units need a cleaning.

The outdoor condenser turning itself on and off does seem to be rather peculiar for inverter system. It would be good to have the unit checked as the condenser is an important part of the airconditioning system.

I would suggest that if you had not serviced your units for the past 6 months to have your contractor do a servicing. The servicing might be able to resolve the musky odor and at the same time your contractor can do a check on the condenser and address the on/off issue.

Best Regards,

Jason Tham

My aircon recently not cooling anymore suddenly. I don't know why.
I only turn on the aircon in the master bedroom. I occasionally on the aircon in my study room. My aircon setting is at 25degree.

Last week, i found that there is a musky smell when i turn on the aircon, and found the aircon is not as cooling as before. but in the morning after i wake up, the air feels cooler, though not as cold as last time.

I try all the other rooms (I have system 3 split mitsubishi electric starmex), and found all the other rooms aircon also not cold as before.

I go to see the outdoor compressor, it seems to turn on and then turn off after a while, then turn on again.

Does anyone has similar encounter before?

Is it gas leak? or compressor spoilt?

Any recommendation for repair contact?
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