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Hi, I would like to ask on the following for EM resale flat:

1. Aircon for living room
2. Aircon for 3 bed rooms upstairs (typically not all will be on at the same time).

Can you all pls advise on the aircon brand and types which I should go for? Should I go for a System 3 + 1? or should I go for system 2 + 2? or just go for System 4?

Thanks a lot!
Hi, sys 4 still not sufficient at all.
Otherwise go with 2 condenser.

Upper floor with system 3 , 10x2 + 13k master bedroom
Downstay living room with single split 24k or system 3 3A28VA ME Starmex with 13k & 18k split out on dinner & living area.

Just depend how often you usage per day on downstay
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