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Hi Bros,

Just wan to seek your advices / opinion:

Just last week JUN 2015, I have had Daikin's Inverter System 3 (R-410A 3MKS50ESG + 3X FTKS25DVM) installed in my home.

It is a total revamp (meaning: complete change of old trunking, PVC and copper pipe to G23 with 3/8" insulation).

I have been using it and find that

1) It is not really that cold, meaning the temp is set to 22deg, but 8 hours later in the morning, the temp reader on my room thermometer (from Home-Fix) reads 24.6deg.

& I am not sure if the AC will be able to reach the set temp of 22deg?

2) It takes quite long for the temp to drop (in my case, it take 1 hour to go from 28 to 25deg and then after that it seem to take like ages to try and reach the 22deg mark)

I do not know if this normal for an inverter AC. Previously, have been using daikin's non-inverter FT25GV1 but it had to be replaced after 15 good years.

Oh man, can't say that I am impressed with the current AC. With the previous AC, I need blanket and enjoy the shiok shiok coldness. Right now, I don't really feel the chill.

Do any of you guys encounter similar issues?
Thanks & sry for the long rant!
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