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Hi Bros,

I am looking to get a new aircon to replace my existing non-inverter aircon.

3x Room : 4.1M(length) x 2.9M(width) x 2.6M(ceiling)
Usage : 9 hours daily, 3 rooms on simultaneously

The specs in bold is my ideal spec, but i think most low cost installers are using the lower specs.

Model : MXY-3A28VA
Fan coil : 3x MSY-GE10VA
Piping : 22 (or 23) SWG Copper
Insulation : 1/2" (or 3/8") ARMAFLEX Insulation (either class 1 or 0)
drainage : 20-25mm (16mm)
warranty : 5 years

Misc : Free dismantle of old aircon
Free installation of aircon
Rewiring : using at least 3C70(outdoor) 3C40 (indoor)
Proper pipe bender for corners for piping
BCA cert for bracket installer
vacuum pump after installation
max G22 copper pipe per FCU (have to find out whats the length)

Installation of stainless steel bracket : ideally below $150

I check the current limit on the compressor is 8.5A, do i need to install a 15A aircon power point? if i have a existing 15A powerpoint for my current aircon, would that be ok?

Looking at cost : $2880 + $150(bracket)

Any experts can advise if i have noted everything that is needed?
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