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In the 1st place of 3MKS50ESG should be the wrong place to go for 3 bedroom, if the room size is over 3x4m wide will be taken longer time to cooling down.

Actually the S50ESG is = 17k BTU for 3 rooms if turn on at same time would be works as suffer.
From 17k btu / 3 rooms the btu is lesser than 6k then the cooling performance will take longer and draw more power energy than 3MKS75ESG outdoor model.

Anyway try to top up gas to maximum at least 180 high pressure, to help up cooling peak performance only.

Thanks for the input. Yes my room size is actually in fact 3x4. However, most of the time, only 2 of the fancoil is active. Still....,air taking their own sweet time to cool down.

Noted and will get Daikin to check / top up gas!
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