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You got ask them why they don't want to come back?
They prefer PoE loh, saying it's more like D2 than D3 is. Got trading and every single item got value and infinite builds. With PoE, they wun play D3. They feel D3 launch is a big betrayal and disappointment and they didn't play DH but other classes during launch so they feel very underpowered especially at Inferno level.

Point mainly is they are still stuck in D2 gamestyle whereas Diablo franchise has moved on already to what it is now which isn't what they want.

I see them discuss like this item can sell how many orbs etc like quite bo liao lah cos I dunno what they aiming in the game also. In D3, got GR leaderboard to play as end game but they only focus on talking about how valuable an item is how they scam ppl or tio scammed. And in the grand scheme of things, PoE can be p2w so the items they have can prolly be outclassed easily by ppl willing to spend $$.

Even at times, they say they spend hours just look at Trade chat just to find cheap deals to whack. I dun see how this is playing the game though cos it's better to farm your own items and be proud of it.

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