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Hi Kimsim,
The brand is Toshiba.
I am not thinking of repairing as already 12years old....planning to change to new ME Starmex.

What GainCity did 12years ago works well for me but many people don't mention such junction box or maybe called a distributor.
-- if I run two units in Living and Dining, I just don't turn on any 3bedrooms units.
-- if I run 3bedrooms, I just don't turn on Living+Dining units.
(the box just direct the cooling to the units been turned on first...)

I don't think I will run all 5 indoors at the same time so no point buying Sys5 or Sys3+2.

Does Mit Elec has such distributor box ? ( that means Sys 4 installed with 5 indoors units)

I will take a photo of the distributor box that is with my 12yr old Toshiba compressor and show you guys tomorrow.
Actually you not need what system 5, go with ME Starmex 4A38VA with full load without current limitation should be work well

At least 4A38Va outdoor still made in Japan
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