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Hi guys, new to this forum and have a question regarding PES downgrade and excuse ICT.

Was previously PES B and was attached to a NSmen infantry unit as a Infantry leader (Sect comm). However, recently, I got downgraded by Medical Board to PES C9L9 permanently and the Medical Board Chairman gave me excuse ICT from Jul 2015 to Jul 2016.

Question now is that I have an upcoming High Key ICT in Oct 2015 in which SAF 100 has been issued before my downgrade and excuse. Do I still need to report and inpro on first day? Or I will have to apply for deferment through NS portal?
highlight it to your unit via email or calling to the hotline (this is to protect urself).

nevertheless, my advice is do not defer from any ICT. the faster u clear your 10 ORNS, the earlier u MR. having being called back for ICT at a much later age is definitely something that many NSmen will never like it.

although u are given the excuse, at least participate for attendance if your CO allows.
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