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Differences between CUH-1100 and CUH-1200 PS4:

1. HDD bay cover: gloss finish -> matte finish
2. Power / Eject button: electrostatic type -> mechanical type
* No change for AC IN connector layout
4. Length of LED light: Long: CUH-1100 / Short: CUH-1200

1. Maximum power consumption: 250W -> 230W
2. Weight (approximate): 2.8kg -> 2.5kg

HDD bay cover compatibility:

HDD bay cover for CUH-1100 is not compatible with CUH-1200 PS4.
HDD bay cover for CUH-1200 PS4 is compatible with CUH-1100 PS4.

They also solved the auto-eject problem, which is quite an issue with a number of older ps4 set.

I am waiting for the cuh-1200 version too!
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