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hi aircon guru,

i am currently looking for a sys 3 for a 4 room hdb flat. was looking at daikin, mitsubishi electric starmex or mitsubishi heavy industries.

the sale person told me that the mitsubishi electric starmex model is already in the market for a long time and a new model will be coming out end of the year. he mention that if i get this model, few yrs down the road when the aircon got problem, i may not be able to get spare parts. so he recommended mitsubishi heavy industries. is this true? anyone here uses mitsubishi heavy industries? any reviews? thanks.
Is depend the seller push which models.
If he got target for sure will pushing MHI loh.
MHI good for left & right air swing, but maintained wise will be higher, cause some Aircon serving would be worry to remove out fan blower, due to the join to motor were get rusty and difficult to slot in, also might be cracked on the rubber partion wow.

MHI out look very nice and interior design just like China made one.

ME from GE10VA is already 7 yrs from now, but spare parts discountinued at least over 10 yrs from the phase out date.

Like Daikin FTKS also over a 10 yrs models starter from R22 FTKD and after change to FTKS R410a today.

In s'pore not worry you can't get spare parts..
New model should be good at least 5 ticks but the overall BTU not as good as today this 2 ticks model so far.

Just buy as what you prefer lah.

For me ME Starmex is always the best.
At least the fan blower can be able to removable & drain pan too, some models were need take down & chemical wash then can access interior parts.

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