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I'm replacing my old aircon today 12th Aug 2015 with ME inverter Sys 4.
Will give you guys a review on the workmanship and 1year guarantee against leaks and pipes condensation.

They using G22 size copper pipes and the I saw Armaflex Class 1 H-006 (1/4") printed on the insulation.
I thought the 1/4" refers to thickness becos I requested for 1/2" thickness.
I asked the supervisor, he said the 1/4" printed on the tubings are not the thickness but the inner hole size for the copper pipe.
I measured the thickness of insulation and indeed it's about 13mm so it 1/2" as requested by me.
The 1/4" is indeed the hole diameter which I too measured.
Your ME sys 4 outdoor model?
4A38 or 4A28VA?
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